The Shear Test - AS 5039-2008

This test is where a shear machine which represents a pair of cutting pliers is applied to the mesh, to see how much damage they can do and whether the security product will fail to repel the burglar. Cutting pliers are the tool of choice for this test because they can be readily concealed.

Crimsafe® passes this test because the tightly woven infill material (mesh) can't be cut by large cutting pliers to begin with. Because there is no way for the pliers to get a hold on the Tensile-Tuff ® Security mesh, the test is over before it begins.

Crimsafe also passes the knife shear test.

To conduct a test for yourself, enter your postcode above to contact a Crimsafe Licensee. They will be happy to show you the entire product range and let you attack a test sample until you're 100% convinced that Crimsafe really will beat more burglars.