The Knife Shear Test - AS 5039-2008

This test is designed to simulate a knife attack on Crimsafe® as a burglar seeks quiet entry into your house. In this case a standard cutting blade such as a Stanley knife is used on the basis that it is an instrument that is readily concealable and also readily available, to allow repeatable, consistent tests.

Using a specially designed machine, the knife is drawn along a 25cm line down the test panel 3 times.

The test panel fails if a continuous penetration measuring more than 15cm is achieved after the 3 passes.

Crimsafe® passes easily, thanks to our Tensile-Tuff® Security mesh. Tensile-Tuff Security Mesh has a number of features which give it the ability to withstand the penetration of the knife.

Firstly, we make Tensile-Tuff Security Mesh with 304 Stainless Steel Security wire. It has a high tensile strength and a special elongation factor, which allows it to be woven into the exacting standards of Tensile-Tuff Security Mesh. Once it is woven into a mesh, our 304 Security wire has increased strength properties because all the interwoven strands have a "greater than the sum of its parts" effect to foil any knife attack.

Secondly, our mesh is made from 0.9mm wire. After many years in the security industry, the creators of Crimsafe recognised that only 0.9mm mesh could give the product the strength they felt was required.