The Jemmy Test - AS 5039-2008

Also called the Lever Attack test, it is designed to simulate a burglar attempting to break into your home by using a lever such as a screwdriver to bust open the lock or the hinge of your security door or window, or lever it from the wall. A 300mm Stanley screwdriver is the test implement of choice, because it is a strong yet readily concealable lever.

The test panel fails if all the hinges, or all the locking points or all the fastening points (screws holding a window section onto the wall) fail, or if the edge of the security door or window has deflected to make a gap wider than 15cm.

Crimsafe® products pass this test thanks to their specially engineered design. Our hinged security doors for example, are manufactured with triple-locks as a standard feature. A mid-rail greatly enhances a door's strength, and prevents the lever from damaging the lock to the extent that it breaks. A triple-locking system also gives added security.

And our Safe-S-Cape® emergency exit products feature a special "Triple Anti-Jemmy System" designed to foil any jemmy attack. A burglar must get through 3 physical barriers on the exterior of the Safe-S-Cape to get at the lock. It's next to impossible.