The Category 4 Cyclone Missile and Ballistic - Test AS 1170.2
(Commercial System Only)

This Industry Standard is the toughest test on the security scene in Australia, and Crimsafe's® Commercial Security System easily passes it.

In an adaptation of American Tornado Testing procedures, we had BHP's testing centre recreate a Category 4 Cyclone to test our Commercial Systems strength under extreme stress.

Under controlled conditions they shot a piece of hardwood weighing 4 kgs into the screen at a speed of 72 kilometres per hour (20 metres per second).

Then in a separate test they took a series of 5 steel balls, each weighing two grams and almost a centimeter in diameter, and sent them smashing into the screen at 108 kilometres per hour (30 metres per second).

The test panel fails if the 4kg missile penetrates the mesh, or if any of the steel balls perforate the mesh.

Our commercial system was dented, but unbroken.

If you want to see a sample of the mesh product that can withstand Category 4 Cyclone conditions, then please phone 4388 4090. If it can resist these incredibly powerful test conditions, imagine how easily it will repel a burglar armed with a knife or a lever who attempts a break-in to your office or factory. Crimsafe's features really do mean that it can beat more burglars.