Crimsafe Windows and Doors

Beware of cheap imitation security screen doors; at first glance there are many products that will appear to be the same as Crimsafe, but they will not offer you the level of protection and security that Crimsafe can offer you.

Only Crimsafe uses the unique screw-clamped system for maximum strength. All Crimsafe security window grilles use the unique screw-clamp™ system. Tamper-resistant screws which go through a waterproof beading are screwed into a metal clamp; then through the Tensile Tuff ® security mesh and grip right into the frame. This holds the mesh in a vice-like grip which gives it enormous strength against attack.

This provides significantly more strength and protection than our competitor's products that are just glued and or wedged in, and can easily dislodge from the frame when kicked in by an intruder.

Crimsafe's screw-clamp™ design and the inherent strength of our .9mm Tensile Tuff 304 structural grade stainless steel security mesh will withstand even the most determined physical attack.

This provides significantly more strength and protection than our competitor's products that are just glued and or wedged in, and can easily dislodge from the frame when kicked in by an intruder.

Hinged and sliding doors can also be supplied with a specially engineered variable height mid rail which significantly increases the overall strength and rigidity of the door. This also protects the hinges and locks against being jemmied and provides a visual warning that prevents accidental injury.

Sliding doors tend to be the most popular; all Crimsafe single or double sliding doors are fitted with high quality Australian made three point locks and full length interlocks for maximum security.

All Crimsafe hinged doors are also fitted with quality Australian made three point locks and three hinges for maximum strength. This makes it harder for intruders to kick the door off the frame.

All of our Crimsafe products allow an unobstructed view without ugly bars, patterns or grilles whilst providing the maximum level of protection against unauthorised entry.

We offer a wide selection of high strength Crimsafe hinged or sliding screen doors for most applications in a choice of many attractive colours. There is also a timber look range available that includes Western Red Cedar, Snow Gum, Honey and Mahogany. We can specially tailor a design and colour that will perfectly match your home or business premises.

Unfortunately there is not a "standard door size". Door frame dimensions can vary considerably from one house to the next. All of our doors are individually measured up and custom built which guarantees a perfect fitment; they can even be built to suit frames that are out of square.

Our patented Crimsafe mesh is completely insect proof and also blocks out up to 30% of all UV rays which means that interior furnishings will last longer.

The unique design of our stainless steel security mesh allows approximately 70%-80% of natural breeze to pass through for more efficient cooling.

This mesh also reduces heat transfer which helps keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

The Crimsafe mesh has been tested for its ability to block solar heat. Test results have shown that a Crimsafe screen fitted over the whole of a single glazed window can improve the windows' ability to block solar heat gain by up to 52%. This allows your home to have a higher energy efficiency rating and therefore reduce your energy bills.

Crimsafe security window grilles also provide your property with additional protection against bushfires for those living in an area that is prone to bushfires.

Bushfire protection is a mandatory requirement in areas that have been determined as being hazardous by authorities such as your local council or National Parks and Wildlife.

Crimsafe products meet the requirements for Bushfire screening as detailed in Australian Standard AS3959 - 2009 for all Bush Fire Attack Levels:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Extreme (flame zone)

Stringent CSIRO testing has shown that Crimsafe's fire attenuation feature can reduce the intensity of naked flame and radiant heat by up to 45%. Competitor's products that only use a plastic wedge to secure the mesh can easily melt under these conditions.

Our Crimsafe products easily exceed the current Australian Standards and Security Industry Standards. Crimsafe Residential passed 5 times higher, Crimsafe Heavy Duty passed 7 times higher and the super tough Crimsafe Commercial passed 12 times higher than the impact level as described in the latest Australian Standard AS5041.

Crimsafe has also easily passed the following tests:

  • Dynamic Impact Test
  • Jemmy Test
  • Fire Attenuation Test
  • Pull Test
  • Knife Shear Test
  • Probe TestM
  • Category 3 Cyclone Missile Test for Crimsafe Residential products
  • Category 3 Cyclone Missile Test for Crimsafe Heavy Duty products
  • Category 4 Cyclone Missile Test for Crimsafe Commercial products
  • 1,000 hour Salt Spray Test Australian Standard AS2331.3.1

All Crimsafe products are warranted for 10 years against defective materials under the conditions of normal use.

Door Master Security is a licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe security products located on the Central Coast. Come in and visit our showroom and take a closer look at the large range of security doors on display.

Not all stainless steel mesh products are the same!