Crimsafe Passes Windborne Debris Impact Testing - AS 1170.2-2011

Due to the growing demand for debris screening in cyclone regions C and D as required under AS 1170.2 - 2011, Crimsafe has completed successful testing of their products to the the requirements of this standard.

Crimsafe has carried out numerous tests at the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University in Townsville. James Cook University is the premier cyclone testing station in Australia and has its own stringent guidelines for testing debris screens which goes above and beyond what is defined in the standard.

Screen samples submitted to JCU seeking to comply with the Windborne Debris Impact Testing AS 1170.2 2011 are tested in accordance with the Queensland Cyclone Shelter Guidelines. Additionally in order to be awarded a pass from JCU, test samples must not only pass the AS 1170.2 2011 but must receive the impact at the screens most vulnerable point - effectively exceeding the standard!


Crimsafe Cyclone Debris Screens received a PASS for impact levels of 35.2 metres per second – that’s an impact speed of 126 kilometres per hour!

Crimsafe selected James Cook University because their high standards and meticulous approach to testing matches Crimsafe’s own philosophy of not just testing to the minimum requirement of the standard but testing to exceed the standard.

Architects and Specifiers wanting information or test reports on screens tested under this standard should contact Crimsafe directly.

James Cook University&3839;s Test Report for Crimsafe