How can I be sure I am buying Crimsafe?

There are 4 ways to be sure that you are buying the genuine item and not some cheap, poor quality imitation.

  1. Crimsafe is only manufactured by the approved licensees that are listed on the official Crimsafe website, Crimsafe is only sold through approved reseller outlets.

    Search for your nearest licensee by using the postcode locator on the official website and look for their accreditation in their showroom or ask them to provide their credentials during your in-home inspection.
  2. Call Crimsafe on 1800 688 188 and query the name of the manufacturer. We can advise you whether the person you are dealing with is an approved licensee or not.
  3. Crimsafe is the only security screen in the world which features screws drilled through the frame and the mesh to lock it in place. Ask to see a cross-section sample and check for the screws going through the frame and mesh.
  4. Crimsafe licensees use a type of screw that is unique to Crimsafe, so that burglars cannot simply unscrew your screens. The screws sit flush in the Crimsafe frame and they look like this:

Each driver bit used to screw them in is tracked by Crimsafe's head office to ensure they're only used by licensed manufacturers.